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Guess What.

2012-08-08 15:14:04 by saravv75

Teen Titans.That's What.Yeah,Teen Titans.

Great...Obsession again.

2012-02-24 12:13:03 by saravv75

alright this proves i've gone obsessive over Soul Eater...BUT IT'S AWESOME >.< i just cant awesome...AND THERE I GO AGAIN

Yo what's up?

2012-02-18 19:34:20 by saravv75

well i haven't talked for like a really long freakin time...might as well make a random i noticed Newgrounds changed up the site and it looks way better.So how's everyone been sicne i left?

Code Lyoko: Evolution

2011-12-10 13:45:02 by saravv75

im so excitedy! Code Lyoko is an epic anime i used to watch all the time! and now i can see 26 new episodes in 2012!!!!!! i cant wait for The Lyoko Warriors to come back!

and this would be my horrible looking FC:

Code Lyoko: Evolution

My friend is so awesome...

2011-11-10 18:40:49 by saravv75

he made this for me! it's on deviantart plus he used mine and his FCs from Kekkaishi

My friend is so awesome...

zanic: ok green hill zone is finished...what's next?

sonic: i say we go to ice caps!

shadow: dont you hate that place cause sometimes the snow melts into water and you nearley drown?

silver: who the fuk cares? let's move!

sonic: wooohoooo *runz through lvl nonstop then slips on ice* aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

zanic: worse then a banana peel...

shaadow: *walks across ice slowly and carefully* hmph you have no patience sonic!

zanic: *runz across ice but doesnt slip then finishes lvl* hey guys were going to act 2 now!

sonic: son of a b...*act 2 starts*

zanic: ok at the end we are supposed to fight eggman...

sonic: im at the end but i dont see a goal ring or eggman!

zanic; um sonic...

Sonic: wtf?! *eggman drops ontop of sonic*

shadow: oh sh*t

to be continued in part 3 beeyetch

are u bored?

2011-08-28 21:37:44 by saravv75

go here <img src=" ple/links/125logo2.jpg">

this is the new and improved zanic by my friend on mostplays,SuperJShadow so give all the credit to him

before we get started on part 2....

Zanic: sonic where are u?

Shadow: last time i checked he was playing that game still...

Silver: guys look at this the sonic on the screen is rapidly banging on the glass saying help!

Zanic + Shadow: WHAT?!

Sonic: (inside TV) GUYS HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

Zanic: how did you get in there?

Sonic: well...*flashback* the screen said that i "failed for the 1,000,000th time" and it gave me a coice t either have the game destroy itself or try to win a different way so i slelected a different way and i was sucked into the system!

Shadow: interesting...

Silver: ok lets get into it then!

Shadow: but how...

Zanic: how the hell am i supposed to know?

Silver: hey look a button!

All: SILVER DONT PRESS TH....! *silver presse4s the button and everyone is sucked into the game*

Sonic: good u guys made it

Zanic: holy shit! were in the game!

Shadow: yes! now im techinally in this game!

Silver: cool me too!

Zanic: alright shall we get started?

All: agreed! *everyone started to adventure into the lvl yay*


here it is

2011-08-09 17:02:12 by saravv75

my new profile pic is Zanic The Hedgehog my fan character! please comment but dont be mean! i know its a recolor but its the best i could do! so here he is the red hedgehog himself! (u need to look at my profile pic :3) AND WHILE IM AT IT...

Sonic Story 7

Zanic:awww man last night was awesome

Shadow: (smokes cigerrat *cant spell it right*) hell yeah

Silver: was there a hot chick there???

Zanic: umm i think sonic is still trying to beat the game

Sonic: huh? oh hey guys

All:hey sonic

Zanic: damn have you been playing that game all night?

Sonic: yup im not gonna stop till i win

Shadow: reatrd...

Sonic: losersaywhat


Sonic: HA! ur all losers!

Silver: Damn it!

Shadow: im going upstairs and unpacking my stuff

Silver: right behind ya

Zanic: sonic maybe you should stop

Sonic: NEVER

Zanic: -_- fine its ur funeral

Sonic: whatever retard

Zanic: *walks up steps* hey guys u done unpacking?

Shadow: yeah i unpacked my stuff infront of the bed

Silver: i took a side of the bed on the ground

Shadow: sooo what's sonic doing?

Zanic: sitting infront of the TV just as we left him

Silver: figures, he doesnt like being beat especially since he hasnt ever been beaten before

Zanic: by eggman atleast


Silver:ummmm um no *runz downsteps

Shadow: GET BACK HERE SO I CAN SHOOT YOU! *takes gun out of bag*

Zanic: thats gonna be hard to get used to -_-

Shadow: *chasing montashe starts (lol)*GET BACK HERE DAMN IT!!!


Shadow:*tries to shoot silver*

Sonic: *doesnt notice at all* Keep it down up there!

Shadow: I SAID TO GET THE HELL BACK HERE!!!*tries to shoot silver again*

Zanic: *grabs Shadow and Silver* Both of u stfu and go back to Sonic's room


Silver: DONT HURT ME!!!!

Zanic: dont u have lives?

Silver: NO I DO... wait what?

Shadow: ur a vgc and u dont know u have lives??? y do u think we go around collecting rings that magically disappear when we collect 100 of them?!

Silver: oh shit... ok i guess u can shoot me now... will it hurt?

Shadow: yes

Silver: ok then... what WHAT?

Shadow: IMA FIRIN MA LASERS! *shoots with random laser*

Zanic: where the hell did that come from?

Shadow: from your mom

Zanic:well he wont be here for a while. want to go eat?

Shadow: oh yeaH!